‘Meenakshi’s fight in Nandigram is our inspiration’, says Oishee Ghosh – News18 Beganli

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You have been out of state since 2013. You have virtually nothing to do with the parliamentary politics of West Bengal. Why suddenly cut the magic of the capital Jamuria! Are you also an outsider in the current political terminology?

I’m not an outsider. This theory does not apply to me. I grew up in West Bengal. A large part of my education is in this state. West Bengal did not have the infrastructure for higher education (in 2013). So to me, many like me have had to go out to study. I am the daughter of a very ordinary working class family in West Bengal. Dad actively organized the workers. I grew up in various places in West Burdwan. I had to go out for education, no one like me could study, no one got a job. Many parents like me are retired, there is no reason to go out. But I had to go out because there is no education or job.

You are the daughter of Durgapur. Why did the team stand in Jamuria? Durgapur would not have been a little easier to fight? Who wants to play away match without playing home match?

As I said before, I grew up around. I was born in Dewandighi, Burdwan. Dad had to travel to different places for his job. And I’m not fighting as a person. Representing an alternative. Students, I am doing communist politics to be a representative of the working class. Wherever I go, I will try to work with ordinary working people.

If you win in Jamuria, then you have to work in the area. Highlight the local issues in Jamuria that you think are important to work on.

Coal smuggling takes place here. People have to work to stop it. There are many difficulties related to employment in sponge iron factories in this area. There are a lot of dropout students in the school college here. Kazi Nazrul University has been here since 2011. Here: Students get a three-year degree in five years, so they are not getting higher education. Women’s livelihood, arranging 150 days of work, these are my focus. There is also the issue of water.

In the 2016 Assembly polls, Jahanara Khan won with a lead of 6,758 votes. The grassroots fought well. The BJP was satisfied with only 14 percent of the vote. In 2019, Babul reversed the supremacy of the entire record in Asansol. How much land under your feet?

The pattern of Lok Sabha is different. We go from house to house realizing that we have very good public support. Part of the media has created a narrative, showing that the fight is actually between the grassroots and the BJP. Our organization is fighting on the side of the people here. One colliery after another has closed here. Babul Supriya did not come to the common people and say that the collieries will not be closed. Strike against colliery closure: Trinamool has come and lifted it. Laljhandar party has been by the side of the people at this time.

The leftists who voted for the party in 2016, in 2019 they won a large part of Babul, can you return that vote?

They will decide what the voters will do. People once voted for the grassroots. People all over the country have voted for Congress for a long time. And the Trinamool has given place to BJP in the last ten years. The big grassroots leaders, who said they would not leave Didi’s area, have formed an alliance with the BJP. কাজ Our job is to make people understand that in today’s politics, violence is being dragged in the name of religion and nation. West Bengal did not see this politics before 2011.

You spoke of religion and caste, I speak in that context. This is actually the social engineering politics tested all over the country. Your party has done class politics, think of caste. The range of this politics has been created from that place. The Trinamool has been working with the backward tribes from the very beginning. And in the case of the BJP, from the election of the leader to the creation of the target group, social engineering has got priority.

We never think we should vote by caste politics. It is not possible for you to vote for such a party as a Muslim and vote for such a party as a Hindu. The burning of hunger is the same for all Hindus and Muslims. In the agrarian movement in Delhi, there are both Hindus and Muslims. The BJP is not saying that it will give jobs if it is Hindu. We are extremely opposed to making religion an identity. Our politics is about livelihood, education.

Since 2014, it has been said that voting is on WhatsApp, voting is on smartphones. The use or misuse of social media has become a determining factor in many places in the past. Have you been able to create any of these counters?

Our team has used social media. We are reaching out to people through social media. And the BJP misuses information on social media and spreads rumors. That is why the media is silent. My main headache is getting people home. That’s what I’m doing in Jamuria. Living among people.

Why not leave Jamuria and go somewhere else?

Because I’m focusing on my center. My vote is on the 28th. I can’t go anywhere now.

I had to fight with ABVP on campus in Delhi. Clashes with the BJP here. Which is more difficult?

We did the movement in Delhi. Not only us but also our professors were beaten. The BJP could not accept that. So the man sent. Here again, the last parashui vandalized during the meeting in Jamuria. As a result, the fight is the same.

Say something about your team’s manifesto that others do not promise.

We have made it clear that there will be an office for migrant workers. Work place will be created according to the skillset. These migrant workers need to be brought back to the state. We did not have a single factory in this Jamuria. We want people to work in their own state, be it in factories or industries.

What is your statement about Shitalkuchi?

I condemn the statement of Mamata Banerjee. I ask the same question, why Sayantan Basu, Dilip Ghosh is not being censored? The Prime Minister-Chief Minister is being attacked by individuals. I do not understand whether the CRPF-CISF is acting as a central force or an agent of the BJP. No one is saying that five fresh souls are gone. Both parties are responsible for this. Shitalkuchi is the black day of democracy. The Election Commission is watching everything in silence, trying to maintain balance. I hope the next four points will not be biased. People vote direction.

How acceptable is your teammate ISF? Is it the aspiration of this party or your alliance to cut the minority vote?

We are fighting together. Our meeting is attended by people from CPIM, Congress and ISF. ISF is not seeking votes in the name of religion. The whole party is opposing religious politics. We are saying that the Trinamool Muslims have shown themselves to be compassionate but think about the income of the Muslims.

He left Delhi and came to fight in Bengal. If you win, I hope you will stay in Bengal. But you are also the face of Delhi’s leftist student politics. How will the void that is being created be filled by your team?

We have more than two thousand SFI members at JNU. It doesn’t matter if the person is Amir or not. Moreover, one day you have to leave the place. I will not do SFI forever. JNU is intact.

How do you see Meenakshi Mukherjee’s fight in Nandigram?

Nandigram is an inspiration for us. To learn how Meenakshi fought. Meenakshidi has been able to break the binary created by the media. Tomorrow we want the united front to come back from Nandigram to fight. From the battle of Nandigram, we hope that we will be able to bring the organization back to the place of terror.

Will you go back to Delhi if you lose?

Yes, I will. I will stay with the leftist struggle. I will represent the students and workers.


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