Bloody Kochbihar had the highest turnout in the fourth quarter, with 69.90 per cent turnout.

April 11, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: A total of 69.90 percent votes were cast in the fourth round of Raktasnat. And the highest number of people voted in Kochbihar district where the violence is highest. That is what the report of the commission says. According to the final update of the commission, the total turnout in Kochbihar was 74.6 percent.

In the fourth round of voting, the attention of the whole of Bengal went to one center. Five young men died in the seemingly peaceful Kochbihar. The turnout was 65.65 percent. The turnout in Shitalkuchi, the epicenter of the accident, was more than 80 per cent in the other eight centers. For example, in Mekhliganj, the turnout was 8.31 percent, while in Kochbihar North, it was 85.39 percent. In Kochbihar South, the turnout was 72.46 percent. 60.89 percent of the votes were cast in the daytime. 6.48 percent in Natabari.

Apart from Kochbihar, there were four more districts voting in this phase. The turnout in Alipurduar in North Bengal has exceeded eighty percent. 62.54 percent of the total voters cast their votes there. The turnout in the south has dropped slightly. 6.24 percent people were seen voting in Howrah district. In Hughli, the turnout was 69.75 percent. A total of 6.25 per cent people have voted in the southern 24 parganas.

Although the 693 company forces conducted the vote, the fourth round of voting was not very peaceful. Scattered unrest in places was the same in the previous points. However, the fourth round has overwhelmed everything. On this day, four people were killed in the firing of the forces in Shitalkuchi. The forces claimed responsibility for the shooting. Mamata Banerjee has been saying for a long time that the central forces are acting in an unauthorized manner. After that, just as the common people of the state were stunned by this incident, they also took to the grassroots to prove the truth of their allegations. Like the central forces, the firing was forced. It has been alleged that an attempt was made to snatch the rifle from the siege. Trinamool is counter-questioning, where is the CCTV footage. Abhishek Banerjee’s question, why shoot straight in the chest without shooting in the legs or hands!

In the meantime, Dilip Ghosh’s remarks have given birth to new controversies. Dilip Ghosh said from the meeting in Baranagar today, “If we go too far, there will be incidents like Shitalkuchi in some places.” The Trinamool went to the commission with this comment. Preparations for the fifth phase are starting in this atmosphere. Only candidates are not tested. Examination Commission, Forces, Voters.


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