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#Kolkata: After Mamata Banerjee’s Shitalkuchi incident, this time Congress’ impatient Ranjan Chowdhury is vocal in his criticism of the Election Commission. In response to the Shitalkuchi incident, the provincial Congress president said, “I want the Election Commission to conduct a full investigation into the incident without hesitation and provide punishment for those who caused the deaths of these five people.” At the same time, he said, “The people of Bengal have lost their confidence in the Election Commission in the way it failed in Shitalkuchi yesterday.”

Santosh Pathak, a Congress candidate from the United Front in the Chowrangi assembly constituency in Kolkata, went on a campaign rally in support of Pathak on Sunday, urging the media that the Election Commission would not be credible without proper investigation. “If the Election Commission speaks in the language of those who fired, then the Election Commission will no longer exist. The confidence of the people of Bengal in the Commission has been shattered,” he said. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee has said that the shooting in Kochbihar was not the EC, but Modi’s code of conduct. When asked about this, Adhir made it clear that it is the personal opinion of the Chief Minister He does not know why he said that.

The Election Commission has said that no political party will be able to enter Shitalkuchi in the next 72 hours. “The Election Commission is now fully responsible for the law and order situation. “We can no longer fight the Election Commission forces with guns. We are a democratic party. Normally we have to follow their word,” he quipped. However, he also slammed the Election Commission, saying, “The Commission has failed. We strongly condemn the failure of the Commission even if we comply with them. The Election Commission cannot avoid its responsibility. The Election Commission should conduct an impartial inquiry and punish the culprits.” Apart from Adhir Chowdhury, Biman Basu was also present in the procession of the united front in support of Santosh Pathak.

Incidentally, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee announced her departure on Sunday after the fiery situation in Shitalkuchi on the day of the fourth phase of polls. But on the same day, the Election Commission informed that no political leader will be able to go to Kochbihar for the next 72 hours. The commission also implemented the new rules before the fifth round of voting. Political parties will have to stop campaigning 72 hours or three days before the polls. The decision was made to vote without violence.

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