Life insurance annual premium is 64 thousand! How much do you know about the ‘savings’ property of Arup?

April 9, 2021 0 Comments

Bhumiputra calls himself the son of a house in Tollygunge. Mamata Banerjee, therefore, has relied on Arup Biswas for the Taliganj Center. However, the BJP is reluctant to give up. That is why MP and Union Minister Babul Supriya has been made to stand in Tollygunge. Actor Devdoot Ghosh is also on the side of the United Front. However, Arup is not at all happy with his victory. Rather you are looking at the fruit gap. Babul came to his area and became vocal about the thugs of Taliganj. Arup, however, is reluctant to say anything in return. Says, the people of Taliganj will answer. The affidavit submitted by Mamata’s shadow companion Arup to contest the election shows the amount of her assets.

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