Mamata vs Shuvendu clash in Nandigram, high voltage seat in election battle – News18 Beganli

April 1, 2021 0 Comments

# Kolkata: Voting today at 9 centers in East Midnapore. Voting in Nandigram, Tamluk, Pashkura East, Pashkura West, Maina, Nandakumar, Mahishadal, Haldia, Chandipur. Deployment of 19,900 paramilitaries.

Voting in 9 centers in West Midnapore. Voting in Sadar, Narayangarh, Sabang, Pingla, Debra, Daspur, Ghatal, Chandrakona, Keshpur. About 21,000 paramilitaries deployed. 8 thousand state police.

Nandigram in the election. Today is the Great War in Kurukshetra. The eyes of the whole country are on Nandigram. Mamata vs. Shuvendu clash in high voltage seat. Coalition candidate Meenakshi Mukherjee. The Election Commission is very strict to ensure free and fair voting in Nandigram. The whole village is surrounded by security. Section 144 issued 48 hours ago. Arrests will be made only if more than five people gather. The force has been increased.

The Commission is keeping a close eye on Nandigram. In Nandigram, 2,200 Central Army personnel will be present in all the booths in Nandigram. In most of the booths in Nandigram, there will be 6 paramilitaries. Vote in Gosaba, Patharpratima, Kakdwip and Sagar. Deployed 6,200 paramilitaries.

Vote at that center in Bankura. Voting in Taldangra, Bankura, Barajora, Onda, Bishnupur, Kotulpur, Indus and Sonamukhi. 1,600 paramilitaries deployed in the security of 2,171 booths. 5 thousand 522 state police were also deployed.


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