7 refreshing summer drinks for you to relish at home this season

March 28, 2021 0 Comments

The season of heat and humidity is here! Being on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, Vizag’s weather, during the summer months, tends to take a toll on us. It is required for us to take proper care to avoid any heat-induced ailments like dehydration or sunstroke. Keeping ourselves hydrated is necessary during this season. Here are some refreshing drinks for you to try at home this summer.

List of 7 refreshing summer drinks to relish at home:

#1 Aam Panna

Image credits: Wikimedia commons Miansari66

Made from a blend of raw mangoes, salt, sugar, fresh mint, and cumin powder, aam Panna is a favorite among many Indian households. This tangy beverage keeps dehydration at bay and helps fight indigestion. Aam Panna rich in vitamins A and B, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and iron is said to help fight diabetes.

#2 Jal Jeera

Image credits: Wikimedia commons Miansari66

With the right amount of sour and spice, jal jeera is an Indian flavoured lemonade. An appropriate amount of the spicy jal jeera powder in your glass of lemonade will cool your system within minutes. With the goodness of fennel, pepper, mint, ginger and cumin, the jal jeera spice mix works wonders.

#3 Buttermilk

summer drinksA tall glass of spiced buttermilk is all you need for a midday energy boost. When finely chopped curry leaves and ginger is added to beaten curd, diluted with water, you have the delicious beverage of buttermilk. It also helps in controlling acidity and blood pressure. Buttermilk is ideally relished at the end of a meal.

#4 Lemonade

summer drinksProbably the easiest on the list to make, lemonade is famous for its diversity. Be it salty, sweet, spiced or carbonated, this drink can be relished in a myriad of ways. The drink being very quick to fix, they make for a perfect summer drink. For a healthier alternative, one can substitute sugar with honey. 

#5 Lassi

summer drinksFor all those who have a sweet tooth, lassi is the perfect drink for you. Blend a required amount of sugar, with beaten curd, and top it with dry fruits for a tasty glass of lassi. Rich in probiotics, lassi is said to help in boosting immunity. This sweet creamy summer drink is enjoyed by people of all ages.

#6 Coconut water

summer drinksCoconut water is the one drink where no preparation is required, yet serves the purpose of eliminating dehydration. A serve of coconut water gives instant energy and keeps you hydrated. Dodge the heat, from the scorching sun, by drinking coconut water right from the fruit. Owing to its antioxidant properties, coconut water has various health benefits as well.

#7 Seasonal fruit juices

The onset of summer also means we get to indulge in a varied range of fruits. Fruit juices tend to be the best source of refreshment and nutrients. Be it watermelon, pineapple or black grapes, or even a blend of two or more fruits, freshly pressed juices are perfect for a summer cooldown.


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