Tried the vegan cookies and and keto meals at 45th Avenue, Hyderabad?

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45th Avenue in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, from The House of Karachi Bakery brings in European cuisine for vegan and keto diners

A restaurant that oozes style and luxury , is difficult to resist. Most often, we walk in to see if the look is matched by the menu. So when we stepped into 45th Avenue, Jubilee Hills, we found a cross between a café, a patisserie and a chocolaterie.

That includes French pastries and savouries, a whole section for the Mediterranean delicacy Baklava, along with classic Indian fusion desserts and cookies. The promoters-Rajesh, Harish and Vijay Ramani of Karachi Bakery say they want to be able to offer a lot, by which they also include vegan and keto foods. They also have dedicated section for gluten-free breads.

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So the house of Karachi Bakery that introduces 45th Avenue as a European themed eatery, also offer their famous Fruit biscuit and the Osmania Biscuit, albeit in a vegan avatar. How can a café by Karachi Bakery not have these signature cookies?

In its continental avatar they host live baking counters and boast of a Miwe Wenz 1919, one of the only 2 state-of-the-art ovens in the country (the other is at Shangrila Hotel, Delhi). In the oven they bake baguettes, croissants and artisan breads like sourdoughs, ciabatta, focaccia, panini and more.

A spread of superfood, too

Apart from the baked goodies, the eatery has a loaded menu with dedicated vegan and Keto sections. Forced to try the quinoa salad, I confess to being pretty impressed. Not content with my expression for the salad, Head Chef Pramit Konar made me try the vegan mock meat, saying “Our vegan mock meat burger is made out of textured soya protein which is soaked in brine so that it infuses flavour and loses the chewy soya texture. It is then cooked in vegan bolognese style which is then dried, infused with rosemary and then shaped into a burger, crumbled and pan-cooked.”

45th Avenue, House of Karachi

  • Location: Niharika Jubilee One, Road Number 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
  • Cost for two: ₹ 600 plus tax

Soon after, somewhat satisfied with my feedback on the burger, Pranit served me a keto dish. Must say all the dishes were bursting with flavours and colour from fresh ingredients.

Apart from the mock meat burger, do try the butter fried chicken, chicken on the crunch, the mango chia pudding (summer speciality) and the banoffee pie.

Another interesting part of 45th Avenue is the chocolaterie. Under the mentorship of Chef Cecile Moritel, the team has been able to craft a range of Belgian chocolates and celebration cakes. The chocolate hall is like walking into an exclusive chocolate room in Belgium.


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