The commission responded to the chief minister’s allegations by writing a letter to Mamata

March 16, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was vocal at the Bankura meeting about the transfer of the security chief. At the same time, the Chief Minister raised the question, whether the commission is running under the direction of Home Minister Amit Shah? After hearing the statement of the Chief Minister in the media, the commission wrote a letter to Mamata Banerjee and replied to the two allegations.

In a letter to the chief minister, Assistant Election Commissioner Sudip Jain said in detail that state security chief Vivek Sahayak had been removed on charges of gross negligence in his security arrangements in the March 10 Nandigram incident. Similar action has been taken against SP Praveen Prakash of East Midnapore and District Magistrate Bivhu Gayal. And that has been done on the basis of the reports given by the Chief Secretary of the State and Special Observers Because in his own report, the Chief Secretary of the state, Alapana Banerjee, acknowledged that better coordination was needed in the security arrangements for Z-plus level VVIPs like the Chief Minister.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, Sudip Jain gave a detailed explanation of the shortcomings in his security arrangements on the day of the Nandigram incident. In the letter, Sudip Jain also said that two special observers in charge of elections in the state had also recommended stern action against Vivek Sahay. At the same time, he said, Gyanwant Singh has been appointed as the security chief in place of the state chief secretary and DGP-e Vivek Sahay.

In the letter, the Assistant Election Commissioner claimed that political parties are the most important part of the electoral system after the voters. At the same time, a letter from the commission to the chief minister said that so far, the Trinamool delegation has approached the commission four times. Every time their statement has been heard properly The date of the meeting in Kolkata and Delhi has also been mentioned in the letter of the commission Sudip Jain also wrote to the Chief Minister that the allegation made by the Chief Minister that the Commission was maintaining closeness with a certain political figure was not to the liking of the Commission and was degrading the Commission. Lastly, Sudip Jain wrote that the commission would consider it unfortunate if the Chief Minister made such an allegation even after this. And Ekmat can say why he is making such an allegation

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