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March 14, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: He had to burn a lot of wood. He felt practically helpless as the quarrel between the four walls came out. Shovan Chatterjee has openly said that Ratna Chatterjee is mentally unbalanced. He also raised the question of whether he is eligible to be a candidate. After all those kazia-tarja days, now the ball is in Ratna’s court anew. The party has fielded candidates with confidence. On the other hand, Shovon Chatterjee had to leave the BJP without getting a ticket to the desired center. Although all smiles are wide, Ratna is not ready to respond right now. The essence of his words is the rest of the picture.

BJP has severed ties with Shovon Chatterjee today. Sources said that Shovon wanted a ticket to the front of the violin to fight against Ratna, because there was only one thing, the connection of the pulse with this place. Instead the team offers him to fight the violin west. Shovan did not agree. Not only that, the team did not consider his partner Baishakhi in the context of tickets. Feeling humiliated, Shovon and Baishakhi both decided to leave. Once Shovon had to go so far today by questioning Ratna’s qualifications! Asking questions, Sahasya Ratna said, there are many dramas left after not getting tickets. They may be requested from that team. Still have to wait for the final response.

In this context, Padma Shibir has nominated Payal Sarkar against him. Actress Payal Sarkar is a newcomer to politics. Payal himself admits that the fight is difficult. Ratna, who has been on the battlefield for a long time, is not willing to take Payel lightly. However, he is making arguments in a cold head. In his words, “Payal is in another profession. I am a man who has been in politics 24 hours a day. I will be by the side of the people before the violin. I have made the baby man. My point is that Mamata Banerjee’s development journey should not be stopped by the common man. “

The last smile is to wait at least 49 days to see if he can smile. But for now, the smile that Ratna is smiling on this rainy evening, the writers call it the smile of destiny.


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