xbox: Xbox announces language tags to help users find games in their preferred language – Times of India

March 11, 2021 0 Comments

Xbox has announced the addition of supported language tags on gaming titles on its platform, which are now available across the Microsoft Store on Xbox and the Xbox Game Pass app.
Now, when a user logs into the Microsoft Store on Xbox or the Xbox Game Pass app, they can see whether a game supports their preferred language. Also, the language selected as the console’s default language will now surface at the top of the list of supported languages available for each game.
Users can now easily determine whether a game contains any in-game language support based on a ‘Languages’ label before they even open the product details page. In-game language information is being collected for three elements of the gaming experience – a title’s interface, audio and subtitles – across 27 languages. The company says it has added language tags to hundreds of games and will add more over time.
With this update, when you log into the Microsoft Store on Xbox or the Xbox Game Pass app, you can easily see which languages a game supports and this view will also show what aspects of the game have been localised for a given language, including the game’s interface (game controls and on-screen menus, for example), the spoken audio you’ll hear from the characters, and subtitles corresponding to that audio.
Microsoft says this update will help gamers across the globe to find games that are right for them and to feel at home when they play on Xbox.


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