Saif Ali Khan took the corona vaccine on his son Ibrahim’s birthday

March 5, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: Kovid-panic is going on all over the world. Although now the vaccine has arrived. For which people are free from worries. The first phase of vaccination of Kovid is already underway in our country. The Prime Minister of the country has also taken this vaccine. And he appealed to everyone to get vaccinated. Although there is a fear in people’s minds about how effective this vaccine will be at all. The vaccine has no side effects? And to allay that fear, celebrities, including the country’s prime minister, are trying to send a message to the people about this vaccine. He is telling everyone to get vaccinated. Today Saif Ali Khan walked that path.

Today, Saif Ali Khan took the first dose of Covid vaccine. Saif is the first Bollywood star after Kamal Hasan and Satish Shah to get this vaccine. Today, wearing beige trousers and a blue t-shirt, he went to BMC’s Kovid Center. Tika smiled. This video was captured on camera by the paparazzi.

By the way, Saif has become the father of another child a few days ago. Saif is the father of three sons and one daughter. First wife Amrita Singh and one of his sons Ibrahim and daughter Sara Ali Khan. And second wife Karina and his two sons. Everyone knows Timur. The little boy’s picture or name was not known. Today is the birthday of his eldest son Ibrahim Khan again. Saif decided to get vaccinated on this auspicious day. Everyone has praised Saif’s decision. Saif has also appealed to the countrymen to take this vaccine.

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