Salman Khan loves his new wife! A lavish wedding party in Jaipur

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#Mumbai: Salman khan Not only the undisputed king of Bollywood, he is everyone’s nephew. Sallu’s fans gather all over the country. When his picture was released, the fans hit the moment. Such is the magic of Dabang Vaijan. And the presence of salmon somewhere means that the value of that place increases in a moment. However, Salman Khan does not stay at any sacrifice party except people close to him. And he is rarely seen going home to get married. If there is no one in the family, he is not seen to go very far. But in the case of Hannah Khan, a fashion blogger from Ballytown, things changed.

Hannah Fashion Sense’s Divana Bollywood. Got recognition as a blogger. Hannah is now busy with her own marriage. His marriage is taking place in Jaipur. Many of his celeb friends have come there. Tamanna Bhatia also went to her dear friend’s wedding. Salman Khan was seen there.

Salman Khan likes Hanna a lot. So he promised to go to the wedding. But the nephew could not go to Jaipur on time. So trust that video call. Salman Khan greeted Hanna by video call. The price of the gown that Hannah wore on this day is eye-popping. Price 70 lakh rupees. She is dressed in an off-white gown. Everyone was busy taking pictures of him. And just then the phone rang. Leaving everything behind, Hannah was overjoyed to receive her brother’s greetings. “I wanted you to come,” he told Salman. But you greeted me in the video call, I am happy with that. Meanwhile, Salman has promised that he will meet the newlyweds soon.

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