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#Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut is a popular Bollywood actress. However, Kangana has been practicing for some time, not acting, for her comments. Since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput last year, he has presented himself in a completely different light. Sometimes nepotism, sometimes criticism of Bollywood directors. Bad things about Mahesh Bhatt and Riya, what did he say! After all that was over, Kangana started commenting on various issues of the country. However, he said that everything is on behalf of the current ruling party. He also did not support the peasant movement. Even those who have supported him have spoken badly on social media. He also attacked Tapsi Pannu on Twitter for this reason. All in all, you will say or do something about someone or something, which will start the practice. Many people say that they do these things just to be in the news.

This time Deepika Padukone is the target of Kangana. But what did Deepika do that Kangana did not leave him to listen? The thing is, a few days ago, Deepika was selected as the global brand ambassador of a jeans company. The ad of those jeans made by Deepika was highly praised on social media. Where else can I go, Kangana is on fire with anger.

Kangana tweeted out of anger. He posted a picture of himself to Deepika and wrote, “Everyone in this picture is proud of the country. They have become proud of the country in their personalities. And today people are proud of their ripped jeans and blouses. These are nothing but American marketing.” Nothing else. ” He wrote all this without mentioning Deepika’s name in the post. Although after that several people wrote to Kangana on Twitter, what would you do if you were in Deepika’s place? Then he must have sung the opposite tune. Although he did not reply to all the words. However, seeing this post, Deepika’s fans are very upset.

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