Election Commission announces polling dates in West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Puducherry – See Latest

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The Election Commission of India announces on Friday the election dates for four States and One Union Territory. Conducting a press conference ECI Chief Sunil Arora said that votes will be casted on 824 seats, and more than 18 crore voters to cast their vote in 4 states and 1 UT.  Around 2.7 lakh polling stations will be set up in these states & UT.

During the conference, he said that a total of 824 assembly constituencies shall be going for polls during these elections. “18.68 crore electors will cast vote at 2.7 lakh polling stations in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, and Puducherry”, he added.

ECI Chief Sunil Arora also added that adequate CAPFs deployment shall be ensured during elections. All critical, vulnerable polling stations identified and an adequate number of CAPFs will be deployed.

  • One hour has been extended in Election timing
  • Elections will be under CCTV monitoring
  • Five persons along with the Voter can go to the polling station.
  • Counting to be done on 2nd May 2021 for all four states and one UT 

Full schedule of polls in four States and one Union Territory-

Assam- Elections in 3 phases- First Phase issue of notification- 2nd March, Last date of nomination-9 March, Scrutiny of- 10 March, Withdrawal – 12th March- Date of Counting- 2nd May.

Phase 2 Issue of Notification- 7th March, 12th March, 17th March, Date of Poll- 7th April

Phase 3- Issue- 12th March, Last date of nomination-19th March, Scrutiny 20th March- Date of Poll- 6th April

Kerala- All elections in 14 districts to be held in single-phase- Issue of notification-12th march, scrutiny of nomination-20th Marhc, Withdwal- 22nd March- Date of poll- 6th April

Bi-Elections– On 6th April 2021

Tamil Nadu– All elections in 32 districts shall be held in a single phase- 

Issue of notification- 12th march, Last date 19th March, Scrutiny 20th March, Last date of withdrawal- 22nd March, Date of Poll- 6th April.

Puducherry– Two districts, polls shall be held in single-phase as follows-

Issue of Notification- 12 March, Last date- 19th March, Scrutiny, 20th March, Last date of withdrawal-22nd March, Date of Poll- 6th April

West Bengal- Polls will be held in Eight Phases

Phase 1- (30 Const.)Issue of Notification- 2nd March, last date of Nomination-9th, Scrutiny-10th March, Date of the poll- 27 March

Phase 2- (30 Const.) Issue of Notification- 5th March, Last date of Nomination-12th, Scrutiny-15th March, last date of withdrawal, Date of the poll- 1st April

Phase 3- (31 Const.) Issue of Notification- 12th March, Last date of Nomination-19th, Scrutiny-20th March, last date of withdrawal 22nd March, Date of the poll- 6th April.

Phase 4- (44 Const.) Issue of Notification- 19th March, Last date of Nomination-23th, Scrutiny-24th March, last date of withdrawal of nomination 26th March, Date of the poll- 10th April

Phase 5- (45 Const.) Issue of Notification- 23rd March, Last date of Nomination-30th March, Scrutiny-31st March, last date of withdrawal of nomination 3rd April, Date of the poll- 17th April

Phase 6- (43 Const.) Issue of Notification- 26th March, Last date of Nomination-3rd April, Scrutiny-5th April, last date of withdrawal of nomination 7th April, Date of the poll- 22nd April

Phase 7- (36 Const.) Issue of Notification- 31st March, Last date of Nomination-7th April, Scrutiny-8th April, last date of withdrawal of nomination 12th April, Date of the poll- 26th April

Phase 8- (35 Const.) Issue of Notification- 31th March, Last date of Nomination-17th April, Scrutiny-18th April, last date of withdrawal of nomination 12th April, Date of the poll- 29th April

Term of Assam assembly up to 31st May, no. of assembly seats 126, SC-8, ST-16;

Term of Tamil Nadu– May 24, no. of seats 234, SC-44, ST -2;

Term of West Bengal assembly till May 30, seats 294, SC-68, ST-16;

Term of Kerala assembly-1 June, seats-140, SC- 14, ST-2;

Term of Puducherry seats-30 SC-5, ST-nil

“Our tributes to the COVID Warriors, Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses, Researchers, Scientists, and all our officials on election duty who are located on the frontline”, said Sunil Arora Chief Election Commissioner of India.

In the thick of the pandemic, ECI started test trials with elections to 18 seats to Rajya Sabha. After that, came the challenge of the Bihar elections, it was indeed a watershed moment for ECI. It proved to be a litmus test, ECI Chief added.


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