Microsoft has a tip on how not to ‘embarrass’ yourself in group video calls – Times of India

February 20, 2021 0 Comments

Online video calls have become the new normal in the last one year, just like work from home. When people are kind of forced to socialise virtually over various chat mediums, there are many who may be slow to get used to some online practices.
This includes sharing some unwanted or private information about themselves or someone they know of. Like taking care to check whether they have muted themselves when talking to someone at home or through some other online medium. Also, if some disturbance is filtering through someone’s microphone, like ambient noise, other participants could also mute that particular person. The company has a tip on how to mute someone else in a group in a Microsoft Teams meeting. The company shared the same on its official Twitter account. The tweet has a small 7-second video. It goes: “Just so you know…”

So, next time you have an informal or a formal get together on a group call, make sure to use the mute button when the occasion calls for it. Or to be more specific, make sure to realise this point in case such a situation arises. Could you be that alert? We hope so.

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