Lenovo announces its annual Diversity and Inclusion report – Times of India

February 16, 2021 0 Comments

Lenovo has announced its third annual Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) report. The report shows its annual snapshot of workforce demographics, hiring and attrition data, and a recap of the diversity and inclusion highlights of the past year. The third annual report claims to celebrate Lenovo’s achievement of reaching its three-year representational goals for gender and race/ethnicity.
Among the key highlights claimed in the report, “Lenovo began developing its Product Diversity Office (PDO) as the authority on embedding D&I into their product design and development process. The PDO consults with a broad range of diverse users to validate designs and provide feedback.”
Talking about the report said Rahul Agarwal, CEO and managing director, Lenovo India, said, “Diversity and inclusion are core values that have been the building blocks of our history. In driving forward our corporate vision of providing smarter technology for all, we have to be sure that ‘for all’ piece is coming through our actions loud and clear, and that means really investigating the ways in which a diverse set of users might experience technologies differently, and accounting for that in our designs. Our goal is simple: People should no longer have to change themselves to fit the world. Instead, the world will change to fit its people – all of its people. Technology can and should be a positive catalyst for change and evolution. Lenovo is channeling this capability to build a smarter future, where everyone thrives, together.”


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