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February 9, 2021 0 Comments

Internet search giant Google is reportedly rolling out new features for Google Photos users that will enhance the video viewing experience on the app.
According to a report by the Android Police, some users have started seeing features like zoom and pan while watching a video through Google Photos app.
As per the report, the app has enabled users to double-tap to zoom any video and a second double-tap brings back the zoomed-out view. Additionally, the app has also enabled pinch to zoom and even focus on a specific area.
The report doesn’t mention any app version or the regions in which it is being rolled out. It is said to be rolled out as a server-side update.
“I have a Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 5 running the same v5.27.0.353915353 of the app and logged in with the same account, but only the Pixel 5 can zoom in videos,” said the author in the report.
Being one of the most popular apps from Google, the company keeps on adding new features to Google Photos. Back in December 2020, Google started showing users their Google Maps timeline highlighting the places they have been to and which images they clicked there.
This feature became visible when users go to the ‘Search’ tab and tap on ‘Map.’ In its support page, Google says, “You can use your photos’ locations to organize, search, and explore your photos based on where they were taken.” All the pictures that were clicked when it uses your camera’s GPS, detects landmarks and uses location history will appear on your timeline.

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